About Us

cWe create and sell candles in support of those with autism. We started this blog to better tell everyone about our fight and our journey. We’re dedicated to fighting autism, one candle at a time. Learn more about autism at Autism Speaks.

We are also going to update this blog with news about general autism and features of our candles. If you’re interested in purchasing one of our candles, you can contact us at sales@fortunacandles.com. We will gladly accept your order and thanks for fighting autism with us!

About Our Candles

Are candles are made with only the finest wax that we can find. They use long-burning wicks that will last for days on end. They’re scented with beautiful concentrates that we get from a secret source across the world. These candles have interesting flavors like Raspberry Pie and Vanilla Yogurt…they are sure to delight your family and your guests whenever you have them at your house.

So thank you for checking out Fortuna Candles! Here’s to a better future for everyone suffering with this condition~